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This boy has found a forever home in Russia

NBRF has been asked if we could help this dog. Sadly, we can not as he is not a Borzoi but, we have agreed to put his picture and information out here in the hope that there may be someone here in America who would like to give him a loving home. The expenses involved to bring him here would be that of the person wanting to adopt him and would be around $2,000. NBRF would help in any way we could. Remember, this dog would fly into either Dulles International in Washington, DC, NY or Miami. So your location in regards to this in important.

Should you like to welcome this MOST handsome boy into your home and heart, Please email Carol Backers privately at Below is from our Katya in Russia about this dog.


Probably you remember I wrote to you about South-Russian borzoi breed Khortaya (the breed is not recognized by FCI) (this article is not quite correct, but I cannot find anything else: They are like a short-haired Borzoi and about 20-25% smaller. They are extremely beautiful, like masterpiece statues.

In the beginning of summer 2017 people found him by a highway in a field. Search of his owner and breeder was in vain.

His eye is injured either at birth or when he was a puppy. The vet says his eye doesn’t see and it cannot be cured, although it doesn’t affect his life. If you look at him, the ill eye is a bit smaller and more inside than the other.

His temperament is not dominant. He gets along well with other dogs, even though they can be aggressive against him because of food. His body is in scars.

He eats almost everything, dog dry food, porridge, and etc. The vet found no other health problems. He’s vaccinated, neutered and microchipped.

He’s attached to people and likes kids. Generally he’s very positive and has a festive mood.
Walks perfectly on and without leash. Doesn’t try to escape. He’s very active. No information about his reaction to cats.