Foster location:
Southern IL
Child safe:
see below
Small animal safe:

Ritzar has found a forever home

Meet Ritzar (pronounced Right-Czar) - 7-1/2 year old male
Ritzar is a sweet boy but does not like to be left out of whatever is going on.  He will bark if left in one part of the yard while you are working in another.  He wants to be right up in any project you are working on and thinks he should always be the center of attention.  He is grinner and his nose will wrinkle up with his smiles.  
Ritzar is not cat or small dog safe.  Ritzar can be an alpha male with other males but does very well with any female at the foster mom's.  He is house trained and respects the height and boundary of an ex-pen.  He likes men and women equally and while he has not been around children, the foster mom thinks he would do well with mid-aged dog friendly kids.

Ritzar is currently being fostered in Southern, IL.  If you have room in your home and heart for Riztar who is some serious eye candy, please fill our our adoption application and email to Carol Backers