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Razzie has found a forever home

Please meet Razzie. We just got her today.  Apparently after living with cats for a  year, she decided enough was enough.  Will leave the rest up to your imagination.  Cat does live.

Razzie is currently with Mike and Janis Kirby in Knoxville, TN who moved heaven and earth to get her out of where she was in under 4 hours!!.  Our GH Rescue friends Rock!!  Thank you Mike and Janis!!

She is current on vaccinations and spayed.  She does need her teeth cleaned so we will see to that.  She has been living with other large, mix breed dogs and I was told at one time she lived with a Cocker Spaniel.  

We will be looking  for a foster home for Kizzie until we find her new, forever home.  NO  Cats or Toy breed dogs or small children.  If you are sighthound savvy, have had Borzoi and would like to either adopt or foster Kizzie, please contact Carol Backers at

She is a sweet, older Lady whose world has come crashing down.   Kizzie just needs a soft place to land.