Raven has been adopted.
Thank you to all who inquired.
Raven is 3 years old and trying so hard to be a normal Borzoi.  For most of her 3 years, she got very little to no human attention or companionship.  Although she wants very much to bond with people, she is having a hard time trusting.  Since she has been in her foster home she has come a very long way and is starting to trust and accept touch and love.  As you can see, she has no problem with other dogs and is comforted by being one of the "pack."
Raven is a work in progress and is not quite ready to go to a forever home yet but hopefully soon will be. Any home considering adopting Raven must realize it will take a longer time for her to adjust to a new home and humans but we have no doubt she will.
We are looking for an experienced sighthound home who has the patience, love,  time and devotion to deal with her fears.  We have absolutely no doubt that special home is out there and will be greatly rewarded.  We consider Raven as "Special Needs"