Rachel has found a forever home.

Rachel is an 8 year old spayed female who is heart worm negative, current on all vaccinations and is microchipped.  Rachel is a very sweet lady that loves to lay in your lap and be petted.  She walks well on leash but doesnít really like to.  She gets along well with other borzoi but it is unknown if she is small dog or cat safe. 

Rachel is from Pickle Hill, she is Pickle Hillís Rachel.

Hey everyone,
Okay, I am finally going to give you a complete report on all that has happened since Rachel (and yes that will be her name, it just seems to fit her. I tried other names out.. Lilly, Portia, Callie, Jillian, Willow... see they were all sweet, gushy girl's names, so why not Rachel?).

We put her in the back seat of the car and yes she rode in a car not a van, SUV, etc, but, I have to say those dog hammocks do very well and the dogs are really secured, don't get tossed around like produce. She did beautifully, slept as she was able, no thanks to the Garmin as it sent us on a wild goose chase to every small town through Ky before we ever found the interstate (stupid thing - I thought if it said "recalculating" one more time, I was going to sling it out the window in a pile of snow!). So we fiiinally get to the interstate, no thanks to that stupid gre... well anyway.. and what do we see?! A RAINBOW Neither Mom nor I had ever seen one across a snowy horizon, BEAUTIFUL, and I am not a corny, sappy person, if any of you knew me you would say "geez isn't that the truth", but I turned to Mom and I said " that rainbow is because of Rachel" and she absolutely agreed with me (of course she is sappy and corny but that is neither here nor there).

So we are guided almost all the way to Knoxville with our sweet, sweet Rachel by that beautiful rainbow - and we could even see both ends of it, which I have never seen both ends of a rainbow before, that was a first for me, too.

She has moved into the herd here just fine and they have accepted her just like she was always supposed to be here. She is hard to have much of a problem with as she does sleep a lot, but that's okay because we're used to older girls around here and they, we, they? (okay, you get the point- there are a lot of us old girls here, sorry Mom) need their beauty sleep.

So when she was leaving Di and Jim's I did have some guilt as she seemed so comfy and cozy with "the boys" there and I felt like maybe I shouldn't take her away from that. Well... let me tell you... Miss Rachel is a master manipulator. Oh don't get me wrong, she did definitely have feelings for "the boys" and of course Di, I mean they are all wonderful! But Rachel doesn't want to "leave" anywhere. That includes the bed in the morning, the dog bed anytime, the couch anytime of day or night. She apparently has a bladder the size of the universe and doesn't ever need to relieve herself- you know.. pee or poop! Oh no, don't even think she is going to get up from her comfortable spot, nope, no way, not gonna happen. Well guess what, Mom (me, Marti) is stubborn, too and she will get up at least 3 times a day to pee and poop whether she wants to or not! So there! Now please understand, I'm stubborn but this may take 30-45 minutes every time because I'm really a pushover and afraid of hurting her or her feelings (yeah, that probably explains why I can no longer train puppies with any success). I tug on her collar ever so gently and she cries!, yes cries! I thought I had really hurt her! No. I finally learned that she uses that for manipulation because I would stop tugging, start petting her and loving all over her to be sure she was okay  and not make her get up. Funny thing is when I finally caught on and would look at her and say "Rachel, you're fine, now get up", she would actually slowly give in and ease off the couch, dog bed, etc. As you can see from the pictures even meal time has become a challenge for her in terms of getting up, all the way up anyway. She does like to eat and never leaves any food behind, so at least she makes enough effort to actually get to the food.

She really likes the 2 greyhounds, loves to go out in the yard with them (once she finally manages to pry herself off whatever surface she is snoozing on at the time) and the 3 of them have been a sight to behold in the snow! All 3 are mostly white (Abby is all white) and there they are in the white snow, just amazing to see. I so wanted to get a picture of all 3 together. Do you think they would all stay together long enough for me to snap a picture? Why, they think I'm a human not playing with a full load of milk bones if I think that's going to happen in this lifetime.

She likes Maggie my boxer, even shares a couch with her at times. The 3 little dogs she initially showed absolutely no interest in, even though they would bark at her for the dumbest things, like drinking water? Apparently Borzoi are not supposed to be hydrated according to a chihuahua, a schnauzer mix, and a long-haired dachshund chihuahua mix. She now has decided they are kinda interesting and likes to sniff them and just sorta follow them for a couple of seconds when on the porch waiting to go back in the house. She has never tried to chase anyone, even when Bella, the Grey is chasing Ellie the Schnaunzer mix because Ellie teases Bella. Ellie will run right by Rachel and she shows no interest in chasing after her.

I truly do believe Rachel knows this is her lifelong, forever home and she is happy and content. Mom or I can walk by and she will wag her tail even when she is not looking at us and when we approach her to pet her she doesn't shrink away anymore.

Yep, it's true, I'm in love with my Borzoi girl! She is sweeter than sweet and a spectacularly beautiful rainbow led us home to her forever home!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Thank you nbrf and everyone that helped get her to me!!!