Noah and Rusty have found a forever home

Please meet Noah and Rusty.

Noah is an 13 month old male and Rusty a 17 month old female.  They may be separated but if they go separately to new homes, they will have to go to homes with other dogs large enough to be able to play with them. Both will be OK with cats in a Sighthound savvy home with supervision at first.

Noah is a very handsome youngster.  He does have an underbite but it doesn't stop him from eating and smiling so big it will make you laugh!  He is good with other dogs and is just a typical Borzoi Boy puppy.  Yes, he is still a puppy and he LOVES people!  Rusty will need a home with other dogs large enough to play with him and a securely fenced yard.  He is lead trained and house train.  Hey, what's not to love here?!  As with all Borzoi puppies, we recommend crating at night or when left alone.

We will not consider a home for either dog that does not have other friendly dogs big enough and young enough to play with them.  They will not be placed as only dogs.  Also, Rusty is likely not cat safe but Noah is.

If you have room in your home and heart, please fill out our adoption application on our website and email to NBRF does not recommend dog parks for Borzoi