Small animal safe:

Nina has been adopted!

Nina is a 3 year old, spayed female and is cat safe.  She is one of the FL 14 and was formerly known as Angel.  Unfortunately her first home with brother Luka/Eagle didn't work out so she is now in S. ILL with foster mom Liz Duncan-Burge.  We are happy to report Nina is back on track and ready for a new home.  Nina has some special needs but is not a special needs Borzoi.  No health problems we are aware of.


Nina will need a home with lots of room to run and the company of other young, solid dogs who can keep up with her but who will not intimidate her. Preferably Borzoi or other Sighthounds.  She gets along well with other dogs and thinks all are friends.  She is not at all alpha.  She is small for a Borzoi and seems intimidated by very rough play but this girl loves to run with Liz's dogs and her brother.  We are not going to place them together but separately.  Nina's  house manners are perfect, she likes women and men equally and she does enjoy her own crate with the door left open.  It will be important to the new home that she be allowed this as her crate will be her safe place and the new home will want to feed her in her crate.  She is most comfortable eating there.  She is not food motivated and that was the problem in the first home we placed Nina and brother Luka in.  They fed off each other's fears and refused to eat or even drink more than just enough to keep alive.  There were no other dogs in the home although the home was an experienced Borzoi home.


Nina will come with a list of her favorite foods.  Exercise stimulates appetite and that will be key to success for her as well as the confidence of the other dog or dogs in the home.  Her new home will require someone to be home most of the time.  She is very sweet and playful with her people once she learns to trust.  Nina loves to collect toys and seems more interested in having them than actually playing with them.  Toys are her treasurers.  She has no problem asking for pets and attention once she is secure in her new environment.  She is so sweet and loving and watching her run and play after knowing what she has lived through in her past will bring her new home lots of joy and happiness.  The only solid thing in all the FL 14 dog's lives before NBRF got them was their pack and total acceptance from them.  If you currently have a dog you are not sure will welcome Nina with open paws and not try to intimidate her in any way, please do not bother to ask about adopting her.  Our concern is not how quickly we can place her, our only concern is her new home is the "Percect" home for Nina. 


We know Nina will be well worth the effort and patience she will need when she first goes to her new home.  Patience and love will be key for success.  We do not want to bounce her again.  If you meet all of Nina's requirements and would like to adopt her, please fill out our adoption application and either email it to Carol Backers or mail it to the address on the bottom of the form.  Shipping is out of the question for Nina