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Nikita has a forever home

Meet Nikita

Nikita is one of the remaining  FL 14 who are available for adoption. I will be traveling to FL in the near future and will be able to bring them back with me to meet their new homes on my way North from FL .

I have done my best to explain their personalities and needs (scroll down for specifics), and trust me they do have needs, but these dogs will make the adjustment to new homes, It will, however take love, time and patience on the new home's part. These Borzoi will likely never be "normal". In their previous life, they learned not to trust and to fear human touch. They didn't even know how to want to be loved. They only knew fear of everything and everyone.

To be quite honest, we have never before encountered the level of fear these dogs present and it has been a difficult and long road to bring them around to where they are today. Thank you Sharon & Jim Anthony foster parents extraordinaire We expect they will step back considerably in their new homes. They will be fearful of everything and everyone. Their new homes will have to work to gain their trust. One very odd thing about these Borzoi is that they seem to forget from one day to the next who they trust and if someone in the home is gone for say a weekend, they will not necessarily remember them. That person will have to start over but, each time gets easier and they remember quicker. If a stranger comes into the home they will flee from the room. These Borzoi are not by any means dumb or unintelligent. They are very smart and learn other things quickly but their fear is so strong it overcomes them. Structure and consistency as well as love and patience will be key to success with all of these Borzoi.

It is likely these dogs will never be comfortable or happy outside their homes. Strangers coming into their homes will probably always strike fear into their hearts but that is OK. They will just go into another room until the stranger leaves. If someone visits regularly, they will probably, in time, get used to them and hopefully make friends but this will take lots of time.
I personally have lived with a Borzoi who displayed some of their fear related issues. She had other issues as well to overcome . Abuse being one of them. It took us a long time to gain her complete trust but we did and I can honestly say, we were never sorry for one minute we did. Each step forward brought smiles and joy to us.

Sometimes there were two steps forward and one backwards but, Willie never stopped trying. We loved her all the more for her courage. She never did get over her fear of strangers and would just retreat to her room ( my office) when company came. So be it. Not the end of the world. No we didn't take her places, she was quite happy to be left home. I expect that will likely be the case for these Borzoi but we also know they have learned to want love and they now are trying to trust.

Believe me when I say, the love of a Borzoi this needy is different because you really have to work for it. It is earned, not given freely as from a normal Borzoi or even a normal rescue. As they take steps forward you will take pride in their courage and accomplishments. When they finally make that big break through, you will want to jump for joy. We all appreciate more what we have to work for than what is given. If you are considering adopting one of our FL 14, know you are in for a ride. You will have to pour your heart and soul into the dog. Please be honest with yourself. Do you really have the time, love and patience to put into a Borzoi who will at first run from you? If not, that is OK, trust me! But if you really do, than what I can say is you will be greatly rewarded.

Today, one of the WVA Rescues was sent to the bridge. Triss was with me for 8 weeks before I let her go to her new home. Triss was the worst off of the WVA rescues mentally. Her home, Sally and Pat Hennessey had their hands full and it took them a LONG time to make progress but what she wrote me today brought tears to my eyes. She said " I have never loved any dog as deeply as I loved Triss" and she thanked me for trusting her with Triss. This will be the reward of adopting one of our FL 14.

If you believe you are up for a ride and the rewards at the end of that ride, please fill out our adoption application and email it to me. or contact me at
Thank you,
Carol Backers


Nikita is a four or five year old female. She is house /crate trained, rides well in a car and gets along with other dogs and cats. As you can see, she enjoys soft beds. Nikita is on the small side even for a female. She will require the company of at least one other Borzoi as she looks to the other dogs for security. She will need a home experienced in dealing with her trust issues and is not a dog for the first time Borzoi owner. She is frightened of strangers but after two months in her foster home has finally started to relax and enjoy the creature comforts. Trust is a huge issue for Nikita but once she learns to trust, that she will be OK. She will come around although slowly. As with all the FL 14, she will try to flee if frightened or confronted by strangers. When walking or transporting a firm grip on her lead will be necessary. Should she get away, she will not be caught. She will need to be walked in her new home's yard until she is comfortable with her new surroundings. Shipping is not possible for Nikita.

We feel it will take her about two months to come around and start to trust her new home. We could be wrong as she has had a good start in her foster home but two months if the rule of thumb for these Borzoi. She will take love and patience since as with all the others, she had learned not to trust prior to coming to NBRF. If you have a lot of love and patience for a rescue, you may want to consider Nikita. She really wants to trust and be loved and is trying very hard. Strangers may always be a problem for her but, she just may surprise us. Nikita can not be bounced so please consider carefully and realize this will be a long commitment and work before you will see progress. She will warm up, learn to love and trust her new home. If you have room in your home and heart for a little Borzoi girl who is trying so hard to be normal and is wanting to trust, love, be loved and happy, please consider Nikita. She is trying very hard.