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"Nicole has the registered name Jamalai Ryasa Nicholai, and was born December 27, 1991. From the papers we have, we know she was bred to her father, and had a litter when she was less than 2 yrs old, and likely continued having litters off and on until she had her last litter at the end of this past summer at six & a half years of age. Through the efforts of NBRF, Carol Backers, Pat Shaw, Anna Steard & Mary Childs, Nicole, the survivors from her last litter of babies, and the sire were rescued from where they were living and are now placed in homes. Nicole now lives with us in Westfield, Massachusetts after she was delivered to us on Thanksgiving weekend in Toronto by Marge Armstrong.

Apparently, Nicole spent her whole life living in a small 10' by 10' dirty pen with her mate, and had never experienced any real human kindness or love. Even though such a life would be terrible for any living creature, it seems especially sad when one looks at Nicole's beautiful dark eyes and lovely, petite body with its red and white coat. Amazingly enough, Nicole is adjusting quite well to being a family dog; she is naturally very clean and has made no housetraining mistakes, going to the door when she needs out. She is easy going and friendly with other dogs and clearly enjoys their company. She currently shares our fenced yard with a very big (35" tall), very sweet Borzoi male named Buddy, who is positively thrilled to have her join him. Nicole is still very hesitant with people, and she enjoys quiet house activities, such as watching TV that is turned on softly and gentle petting and brushing. We have every hope that Nicole will find that she can trust people, and we are so happy to have her with us."