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Here is New Boy. We have a feeling he is not purebred but, he looks and acts and leans like a Borzoi so, here he is.

He was found in Richland County, OH is near the city of Mansfield, OH. We think he was someone's pet at some time and shown no typical signs of being abused.

During his stay in rescue, he was the perfect gentleman. The warden at the pound where he was would lay on the floor with him and the dog would lay next to him while he picked burs out of his coat. This boy lit up when he saw his foster mom Sheryl, leaned into her, lavished her with sweet Borzoi kisses and said, "Please take me home!! She did!

His new Mom is American but works for the AFL-CIO and works some times in of all places Russia and he will be traveling there with her. She had a Borzoi Golden mix who died not too long ago and she is very pleased to be getting another!