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Newark, DE
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Misha has found a forever Home

Please meet Misah, bought out of a horrible situation by a wonderful, caring Lady. He is 7 years old and suffering from and being treated for a serious skin condition we believe to be flea allergy dermatitis. It is not mange. Misha has lived his life in a pen with other dogs. We have no idea if he has ever been in a house but if he has, we believe something bad must have happened to him. Where he currently is has stairs which terrify him. Further, once she gets him up the stairs and in, he wants back out again. He “wants” so bad to be with her but he is so scared and forcing him up the stairs does not at all help matters. He is living for the most part in a screened in porch.

We are looking for a Borzoi experienced foster or forever home for Misha who is able to help him overcome his fears without stairs. This will take time and a Lot of love and patience. Misha is not yet neutered, he is monorchid so it will be a more extensive surgery than a normal neuter. We would prefer to get him into his foster or forever home first. NBRF will cover all expenses for Misha.

Misha is currently in Newark, DE so anyone interested will need to be within a day’s driving distance and able to do some driving. He is not a dog we will put on a long transport. If you feel that you have the love and patience to help Misha find his way to love and happiness, please email Carol Backers at 

Thank you,
Team Borzoi