Foster location:
North East Ohio
Child safe:
Small animal safe:
NOT cat or small dog safe

Markie is 3 years old, neutered, up to date on vaccinations and is HW negative.


M is for Massive
A is for Alert
R is for Rock n Roll
K is for Keeper
I is for Intelligent
E is for Enthusiastic

This is a XXX-L, three years young, three kinds of special, male borzoi.  Markie
has gorgeous red curls, with white feet, that are generally green from all the
running and rough housing that he engages in when playing outside in the grass.  Markie LOVES a good game of tag, and would probably do well with another large breed that likes to play hard.  He learned quickly that kind of play was not to be done in the house...and is OK with it, a very quick learner!

Markie is otherwise the typical gentle giant, very kind and loving, and prone to counter surfing when he thinks that your not looking.  He is a "leaner" and will need
some obedience training.  His size, and strength added to his enthusiasm for the
next great adventure might be misinterpreted as intimidating, and that is the
last thing on his mind!

Markie was reluctantly relinquished to rescue due to health issues of the owner, and as stated, is ready to rock and roll!

Markie is housebroken, with no obvious issues,  (other than counter surfing) no
chewing, barking, no aggression, no separation anxiety and is perfectly adjusted
to medium sized dogs, (Basset Hound size).  Markie would LOVE to sleep in your bed,
but seems content to share the couch with another borzoi in his foster home.

Markie is really an impressive dog, who is self confident, loves car rides, is 
exceedingly happy, and should adjust very quickly to new people and new friends,
he is looking forward to his next excellent adventure!

NEWS FLASH!!  Markie is NOT stuffed toy safe!  Foster Mom June came home to a plethora of DEAD stuffies ALL OVER THE HOUSE - guess Markie had a FABULOUS TIME!!

If you have room in your home and heart for this lovely boy, please fill out
our Adoption Application and email it to Carol Backers