Luka has been adopted!

Meet Luka, formerly knows as Eagle who was part of the FL 14 rescue.  Unfortunately, his first home did not work out for Luka and his sister Angel, now known as Nina.  Liz Duncan-Burge has been fostering the pair and has gotten them back on track and they are ready for new homes.  They will not be placed together but separately.  There will be some special requirements for their adoption although they are not special needs.  


Luka is fine with other dogs and cats, men and women, has perfect house manners, walks well on lead and rides well in a car or van.  He will require a home with another solid, young dog or dogs he can run and play with. Sex does not matter.  Exercise and lots of it will be the key to success for Luka.  This boy LOVES to run and play and will require a home where this will be possible.  Therefore, a home with at least one person who is home most of the time is necessary.  


The home must realize it may take up to a month for Luka to come around and be patient with him, letting him move forward at his own pace yet encouraging him to do so.  Lots of love and patience.  The home will need to let Luka come to them and not be stressed because or if he is very shy.  He is not food motivated.  He may not eat well at first and that was his problem in his first home. Luka will come with a list of his favorite foods.  He is now licking his bowl clean and also free feeding  between meals. Exercise stimulates appetite.  Luka is not an alpha and is on the small side for a male Borzoi.  It is important the other dog or dogs in the home not pick on him so temperament of dog/s already in the home is important.  He thinks all other dogs are friends who will treat him likewise.  That needs to be the case.  He will respond well to the other dog or dogs in the home and their confidence will help as he will follow their lead.


We realize this is a lot to expect of any home but we know Luka will be well worth the effort. Luka's foster home is in Southern ILL.    If you believe you have the time, love and patience Luka will require, please fill out the adoption application on our home page and email it to Carol Backers at