Foster location:
Southern IL
Child safe:
Small animal safe:

Luetan has found a forever home

Do NOT tell Luetan he is Special Needs as this boy has absolutely NO clue that he is visually impaired.  Our ophthalmologist diagnosed micro eye, nystagmis and cataracts that cannot be helped by surgery.  Our ophthalmologist stated that due to the nystagmus, Luetan was likely born with these conditions and never really had much vision, therefore he has no idea he is supposed to be "handicapped".  He has slight vision around the outer upper perimeter of his eyes.  This boy will walk an area checking the perimeter on his own and then will take off at breathtaking speed and grace, not running into anything.  He is a joy to watch and loves to play with toys, soft squeaky ones, hard rubber ones and even extra large tennis balls.....and he loves raw knuckle bones!
Luetan is not cat or small dog safe.  He is used to being with other borzoi and can be an alpha if given the opportunity and another male.  He does extremely well on his own, however does love to play with another dog also.....perfect scenario for this boy would be a home with another female sighthound or three!
He likes men and women equally and would be good with young teenagers but not small children.  Due to his lack of vision, when first taking treats from me he was rough grabbing at my hand, however once he realized I would not move my hand, his mouth quickly became soft and he loves taking treats from me.
This boy is very enthusiastic and strong and does like to jump up on you for attention.  He will walk on lead, though not terribly well as he is always in a hurry to get "somewhere"!  He takes correction well and with some one on one attention will blossom into a wonderful addition to most any home.

Luetan is currently being fostered in Southern IL.  As always, location is a consideration.  If you have room in your home and heart for this special, handsome, "special needs" Boy, please fill our our adoption application and email to Carol Backers