Foster location:
Southern Illinois
Child safe:
Yes with dog knowledgable children
Small animal safe:
NOT cat or small animal safe

February 28th, 2014: OBVIOUSLY I should not have given fresh knuckle bones before attempting photos!  Please check back soon for more photos!

Logan - he is 7 years old and apparently has lived all his life with Jasmine.  We think it would be better for Jasmine and Logan if they were seperated as Jasmine is an outgoing gregarious girl and when Logan starts whining if seperated, Jasmine gets very upset and nervous.  We think that both of their personalities will bloom in seperate households with one or more stable borzoi and lots of love from their own people.

Logan likes both women and men but is NOT cat or small dog safe.  He is on the small size but has stunning color.  He will likely be nervous and anxious at his new home for a few days but with patience and love he will make a wonderful addition to a special home. 

Logan is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and is HW negative.  He does like to play in a securely fenced yard so would not be considered for a walking only home. 

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