Child safe:
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Small animal safe:

Logan is a 4 1/2 year altered male Borzoi.  He has a luxurious white coat with splashes of silver on his side's.  This boy has a heart of gold and is friendly with adults, children over the age of 10 and other dogs.  Logan cannot be placed in a home with cats. This handsome boy loves to cuddle and gives affection freely to everyone he meets. 

He is learning to walk confidently on a leash and learns commands quickly.  Brushing is considered a spa for Logan.  Once he knows you a day or two he has no qualms with touching his feet or ears.  He settles into new situations with caution but warms up quickly.  He is current on all vaccinations and just had his teeth cleaned.  This dog will be a great companion, is housebroken, is happy to play for a while in the morning and evening but will be happy on your lap the rest of the day and night.  He isn't quite sure about toys and treats.  Logan always has a big smile and will talk to you.  He has only barked once when he saw a cat but has been quiet otherwise.