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The girls have found a forever home

Meet Kate & Allie.

Yes I know how to tell them apart! Not easy but their foster home knows the subtle differences. They are currently being fostered in IN.  These two beauties are approximately 15 months old.  Very active puppies with energy to burn.  They will require a decent sized securely fenced yard or area.  We will separate. Actually I think that would be best for them.  They will require a home with at least one other young dog who will be able to keep up with them for play and companionship.  They get along with other dogs large and small but NO Cats.  They love kids! They were very much loved but their owner knew he could not keep them safe.

Kate ands Allie lived on a horse farm but the fencing there was for horses, not dogs!  Once they figured out they could just wiggle under the fence, they did.

When considering adopting, please also consider location.  We can get dogs moved a reasonable distance but for long distances, should shipping be required, that will be the responsibility of the owner.  We don't like shipping dogs by air but sometimes it is the only way.  Direct flights only.

If you have room in your home and heart for an active Borzoi puppy and have at least one other young dog that can keep up with either of the girls and secure fencing with room for her to run, please fill out our adoption application and either email to Carol Backers at or mail to the address on the bottom of the form.