Foster location:
San Francisco Area, CA

Joe Joe Has Found a Forever Home

Look deep deep into my eyes- I am the one you want, the one you need, the one you have been looking for. My name is Joe, but now they call me Joe Joe, and I like it. I am living in California, so all you west coast people who have been wanting and waiting for someone like me, here I am.

Let’s see more about me, I am a medium size boy (a svelt 70 lbs), around 3-4 years old with a black and white wooly coat which make me very huggable I am told, that’s good because I like my hugs and kisses and lots and lots of petting. I am a very happy boy (my tail is always wagging) and I’m smart too – in fact if my foster mom hadn’t just adopted another boy from Russia, I would be a foster fail already.   That’s ok though I know MY home is out there. My foster home only has Borzoi girls, but I seem to like everyone and they think I am small dog safe and “cat” workable- does that me the cats are going to work me? I am heart worm positive, but a mild case, and I have to have a couple of teeth fixed, but the wonderful folks at NBRF are taking care of that. They are also taking care of my man bits – I guess I don’t really need them anyway. I am house trained and mom is teaching me about leashes, but I am a quick learner, I haven’t quite figured out how to jump in the back of a car, but you can teach me all about that and what it means to be spoilt.

If you are interested in adding Joe Joe to your family, please go to and complete our adoptoin application.  

Thank you for considering Adam for your home!

Team Borzoi!