Foster location:
Portland, OR area
Child safe:
With Dog Savvy Children
Small animal safe:
With Supervision and Training

James has found a forever home.

James - male puppy

Date of Birth: 05/01/2018

Health: Healthy. Current on vaccinations. Heartworm/Lyme negative.

Status:  Microchipped & neutered

Foster location:  Portland, OR area

Small animal safe:  With Supervision and Training

The following is an update (01/26/2019) from his foster home: These are the chronicles of the pup named James, whose life mission is to find his perfect forever home and bring his people love and happiness. James is very loving and sweet, and very clever. He does have a very independent streak, and so has a case of selective hearing that comes and goes. James is usually cheerful, and often creative. He is working hard on the following family skills:

Crating: much improved but still a ways to go. James gets worried when he feels trapped, and small or enclosed places trigger that. James gets his meals in his crate, and will head for the crate the moment he sees his food dish. He will enter the crate voluntarily most of the time, but once in a while he needs a cookie bribe. This is a huge improvement as he could not be crated when he arrived. He can stay in the crate overnight, though sometimes wants out to go potty in the middle of the night (and sometimes he wants to tell you long stories about how he isn't ready to go to bed!) Usually a (firm) word to the wise suffices. Sometimes it is handy to have earplugs! If he is really making a fuss, he usually needs to go back outside to finish his business.

Part of being "not quite ready for bed time" is the fact that James has a touch of separation anxiety. He does not like to be alone. His crate is right next to his brother's, in the living room, but as his brother also has separation issues this does not always help. He does not scream or panic, but he IS/can be very vocal.

He gets appropriate chew toys in his crate, Adaptil (pheromones) when needed, we leave the radio on for him overnight, and these things help. If uninterrupted sleep is a must have for you, then you may not be the right fit for this boy.

Food/ treats:  James is a good eater, though he sometimes likes to leave part of his breakfast to have for lunch. As he is only 8 months old he is offered food three times a day. James is offered two cups of kibble with a scoop of canned food for flavoring mixed in at each meal and finishes most of that every day.

He is good when offered treats with the other dogs around and a person is there to mediate, but he can be a resource guarder when it comes to meals or unsupervised food finding. Resource guarding escalates especially when he is crated. New or high value toys/treats he does NOT wish to share. Though he has made progress in this area, this is an ongoing issue that will continue to need to be addressed by his adoptive family.   Old toys and low value treats he is very generous with! James enjoys pig ears, bully sticks and peanut butter Kongs!  Apple slices and carrots are awesome!

James arrived here when he was 7 months of age, and weighed 64 pounds on 12-14-18. On 1-9-19 he weighed 72.4 pounds and is approximately 30" tall at the shoulder. He is putting on good muscle, he runs with his brother and his friend (a 1.5 year old Borzoi pup) several times a day, and goes for walks.

Exercise/ socialization:  James is getting very good on lead. He is not ready for any obedience competitions, but he can walk without pulling most of the time and is learning to pass people and their companions politely. A firm grip on the lead and an eye watching for potential issues helps James to have successful outings.

He watches traffic when in town and can walk down the sidewalk without issue.

He has gone into the veterinarian's, pet stores, and the local hardware store without incident, and he has made friends wherever he goes. James loves everyone, though he has not had any experience with very small children yet.

Loud noises are not an issue. James has learned that things like vacuums and power tools are no problem. I have not had the chance to see how he would be around gunfire or thunder. He is learning to look to his human companion for guidance and reassurance when he is unsure.

He is a bit concerned with slick floors such as tile or wood. He will walk on them if not forced and if he is not thinking about them. James prefers carpet, grass, gravel and dirt. He has gotten quite good at stairs, something that he could not do when he arrived.

All of his exercise has made him quite athletic. James needs a fence that is at least 5 foot high, 6 foot would be better. I monitored him for the first 3 weeks he was here when he was out back as he kept eyeing the fence. He stays in my yard behind a 5-foot chain link, but that is because he is now bonded to the other dogs here and so he has no incentive to leave. All the fun is inside the fence!

James would love to have a friend to play with, someone who will not bully him and wants to play chase. He looks to the more mature dogs and tries to model their behavior.

James not only loves to race and wrestle with friends, but he is also an enthusiastic gardener and has created some rather impressive holes in the dog yard. These are being discouraged, but if he finds a place that he thinks might house a small critter, he will definitely enlarge their front doors for them so that a Borzoi can visit. As it has been raining here a lot (it is winter after all) this activity has provided us with quite a bit of mud.


James also sees himself as an arborist and likes to prune the bushes, creating interesting shapes— this despite all of the wonderful toys provided. Water is one of his favorite elements, and his favorite destination is the pond.

Clean up: James really enjoys getting toweled off. He is learning to come in and stand by the door for his "towel massage" and he really gets into it. James is also very good about his bath. He does need help getting in the tub, but cooperates fully with the actual bathing and the subsequent drying off. More toweling!  He is also very good about the hair dryer and usually very cooperative during combing and brushing.

Travel:  Cars are slightly problematic. James will happily get into my van, and he enjoys looking out the windows especially if they are cracked a bit for fresh air.  But after about 10 minutes he starts to question, "Are we there yet?"  Not every car trip, but about 50% of the time. He does not get car sick, and he loves arriving wherever we are going, but he finds it hard to settle and enjoy the process of getting there. He has toys to help distract him, and we use Adaptil (pheramones) for trips into town, but he will still tell you about his preferences. He will chew seat belts (he loves to chew strappy things) unless he has something to distract him.

James is a puppy, and cannot be left unattended loose in the house, or a car, if you want the house or car intact by the time you get back. James likes to climb, easily accesses the tops of counters, has no qualms about getting into the sink.... none of which he will do if he knows someone is around, now, but ALL of which he will happily do if left to his own devices and he thinks you are not paying attention. There is no shelf too high. He is a puppy. Crates are our friends.

Summing up: James has come a very long way from his chaotic and stressful start in life. He needs time, understanding and training to deal with his issues: learning to crate, learning to share, gaining confidence, dealing with anger management and confinement fears. He is smart, and willing. Consistency and time will bring great results. James is going to be someone's sweetest and most beautiful companion for life. James has made great strides in his first month in rescue. He just wants a chance. He is worth it!

If you are interested in adding James to your family, please go to and complete our adoption application.  Be sure to add THURSTON COUNTY in the top line with your name. Keep in mind his foster location is the Portland, Oregon area and that NBRF is unable to pay for transport across the USA.  We can assist with locating volunteers to drive several hours one way from his current foster location.

Thank you!

Team Borzoi

This is James, James Peach. He is innocently eating a pig ear, and awaiting someone to notice and give him some love. :)  James is a very sweet puppy who loves to give and receive affection, and who is very willing to please as long as your plans coincide with his. (Most of the time, they do!) 


His current yard has a 5 foot cyclone fence. He does like to search for buried treasure, so would love an area where that would be an option. He can be quite determined.


James (foreground) is entering his 8th month with a zest for adventure and a curious mind. He LOVES to run, and he takes turns with the other dogs as to who is the rabbit and who is the hound. James also loves the water, and is the first one to hit the pond! Wet is wonderful and he likes to share. This extends somewhat to his baths, a process he is fine with except for the part about getting IN the tub. (To be fair, ours is a tub with a door, hard for a big dog with some confinement issues.) He is very cooperative about everything else, including the blow dryer. Loud noises do not bother James, and he has experience with vacuums, and power tools as well as dryers.


Here is James patiently waiting for the vet at his last visit.


He weighed 70.6 pounds, and was very good for his exam, as always. He enjoys making new friends, and the only thing that gives him pause are the slick floors. He does fine on them when he isn't thinking about them, and if he is not being forced. 


James is generous, sharing the Great Outdoors with those of us who were not privileged enough to go out with him. James is a toy boy, and he can be very generous with his toys as well. Unless they are new, or very high value, in which case he may warn off a curious friend. Usually a word to the wise (James is usually wise) is sufficient. He is good when getting treats around other dogs, but if he is in an enclosed area (crate) or the treat is high value, he will guard it. James is a good eater, but prefers smaller meals more often, so will often save part of his breakfast (or dinner) for snacking on later. 


James playing with his friend, Game. James likes four legged friends as much as 2 legged ones, but as he doesn't know his own strength he needs supervision with smaller friends. In his foster home he has two Silken Windhounds that he interacts with in the house, and he is very good with them. They do not play outside together. James loves to go for walks, and is getting quite civilized on lead. He walks well with other dogs, and currently walks with three Borzoi as well as the aforementioned Silkens.

James is a counter surfer, and a mountaineer. He enjoys stealth missions and likes to see what he can score. He is, however, very gentle with things and will usually bring you the purloined items with an apologetic look and no damages. (Unless it is edible, in which case you'll never see it again. Hopefully.)