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We were contacted by the sister of a Soldier who was deployed to Iraq. It was the Soldier's wish for Isaiah to be placed into a new home. We (NBRF) offered to foster this Handsome Boy till the Soldier's return but we were told that his owner was unsure of his future and wished for a new home for Isaiah.

Isaiah is an almost 8 year old neutered Borzoi. He has found a new and forever loving home in Indiana. Isaiah lives with his human companion and another Borzoi Rescue named Natasha, a 10 year old, spayed female. Natasha greeted him with tail wags.

We have told the Soldier's sister that upon his return to the US, this home will welcome contact from him. Furthermore, when and if the time is right for the Soldier, we will be more than happy to help him find another Borzoi. Isaiah was a well loved and cared for Borzoi. He is well socialized boy and in excellent health. We truly appreciate the sacrifice this Solder made on behalf of his dog.

Isaiah was met with tail wags by Natasha, the home's 10 year old female Borzoi. When Isaiah's new owner got out of his car, he got down on his knees and Isaiah went right over to him and gave him sweet Borzoi kisses