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Happy Birthday Daddy Cliff!!

This year Nadja's daddy Cliff had a very special birthday celebration. In lieu of gifts he asked well wishers to make a donation to NBRF or the National Canine Cancer Foundation (in memory of Katya).

The weather was perfect and turnout was large. I think we did pretty good last night for NBRF and the National Canine Cancer Foundation! I have received over $300 for each of you and I haven't finished opening all the cards yet ! And a few people said that they will go to your website and may donate directly.

I am overwhelmed with the generosity of our friends and the compassion they have shown for all our four-legged friends and family. Several people left cash in the "collection plate", and I don't know yet exactly who did that. I will divide the cash donations between NBRF and NCCF.

Carla and her singing trio, the "Larks" wrote a special song for me and our doggie family, past and present. Our friend Bob, videotaped it and posted it on YouTube. You can see it at:

We missed you last night but I thought of you often, and your work, and our little Nadia/Hope, and Terra (from Mary, via NBRF), and of course, our beloved Katia. Thank you for the wonderful work you do - and for everyone connected with NBRF.


Hope is now known as Nadja!