Foster location:
Hope 2

This is our second girl named “Hope” so you are not seeing doubles as they definitely are not marked alike!  This Hope is being fostered in the Kansas City, KS area.  Hope is a 2 to 3 year old spayed female who is heart worm negative, current on all vaccinations and is microchipped.  She gets along great with her foster borzoi.  She is very curious and loves playing with all of the toys.  Hope is still shy but is slowly getting more comfortable with her foster family.  It is unknown if she is small dog or cat safe.

Hope is from Pickle Hill.

December 4th, 2010 update from foster home:

Hope 2 is painfully shy. It is very obvious she has never really been handled. She is making progress, slow but sure. Hope 2 is coming along a little quicker than Hannah. Hope 2 really likes my husband, Randy, and will come up to him to be petted if he's sitting down or kneeling. She isn't that comfortable with me yet but has started walking up to me and will stand there for a minute as long as I don't reach out for her. You can tell she really wants to be loved on and really enjoys her ears and chin being scratched once she lets you touch her. When we come home she's happy to see us and she wags her curly  tail in circles. Hope 2 absolutely loves toys and is very playful but not rowdy.  Overall, I think Hope 2 has a more outgoing personality and will become a social butterfly down the road.

This very sweet and cute girl is looking for a home with a soft bed, warm heart, kind hands and lots of love.  If you are interested in adopting Hope, please fill out our adoption application and email it to Carol Backers at and make sure you indicate WHICH Hope you are interested in!