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Hera has found a forever home

Here is our precious Hera.  What is not to love!!!

There have been some interesting developments with our precious Hera.  When tested for heart worms in Korea, she tested at a 2 going on a 3.  We re-tested here and it came back as barely positive so we x-rayed her heart and even though the Veterinarian could not see any adult worms, we sent the film out to a radiologist.  Came back as clear of worms.  There are also no microfelaria ( I am sure that is not spelled right)  in her blood.  So we did another test and they lab said she is positive.  We will likely do another test with a different lab.

So, since there is not a concern with adult worms in her heart, we are going to go ahead with her spay and dental.

Hera is taking all of this in stride with kisses for everyone!  She is just an absolute joy and if she would live happily with cats, it is likely Julie, her foster mom would fail Foster Mom 101.  But, Hera is sure cats are the other white meat!

We are going to start looking for Hera's forever home now so that as soon as we are clear on everything, is she or is she not HW+, we will have everything done so she can be in  her home as soon as possible.

If you have room in  your home and heart for this precious, little Borzoi Lady, please fill out our adoption application on our website and email it to  please let me know you are applying for Hera.

Please remember, Hera is being fostered in the San Francisco, CA area so location is an issue.  We will ship her but that would be at the adopter's expense.  We would prefer not to have to ship her though.