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Not only has Ginger's Breeder come forth but she has been adopted as well.

What can I say about Ginger?   When you have been with her just a little while you realize you are in the presence of an exceptional little Lady.  She is a most endearing Girl.  She reveals new and wonderful things about her personality each day.  Her house manners are impeccable.  Someone, at one time, loved her enough to teach her pristine manners and some basic obedience commands.  She will NOT get up on the furniture, even when invited (yes, I did try to coax her on to the couch).  Once you show her where her private little space is, she will happily stay there as long as you want her to.  I have found that, once she bonds to you, she wants to be near you constantly.  I have placed a bed in the two places where I spend the most time, the family room and my (crowded) bedroom.  She knows these are her beds and now has her space firmly established.  I don't know if she is crate trained, but she would probably welcome a space of her own.  I have left her loose in the house the last couple of days, as she is completely house-broken and does not chew.  She gets along beautifully with my ten year old male Borzoi, and would probably love to interact with him, but he basically ignores her.  She is non-agressive and very compliant.  Very willing to please.  She smiles, burys her head in my lap and craves affection.  Her left front leg was evidently fractured at one time, as she has a pin and six screws which showed up on x-ray.  This does not seem to bother her, as she loves to walk, and walks at a good clip.  She is so afraid she is going to miss something on her walk that when she squats to urinate she stays in her squat and keeps walking!  She has an adorable way of grinning with her mouth wide open like a dolphin, tossing her head like she's laughing, then looking right into your eyes.  She is a charmer and a survivor.  She has "Heart Dog" written all over her.  If my family situation was not so dire I would adopt her in a heartbeat.  Whoever ends up with her will be a very lucky person indeed.  Love is a six letter word, and is spelled GINGER.

Ginger is HW negative and is spayed

She does not seem to be bothered by small children on our walks.She expresses an interest in cats and small dogs by raising her ears, but has not made an attempt to chase them.  She touched noses with my neighbor's two yorkie mixes. She tolerates other dogs beautifully. 

She can run on the leg with the pin--she ran a loop around my back yard at lunchtime and did not seem to have a problem at all. The vet said that the pin and screws in her left front leg were well-seated and that there was no evidence of arthritis or infection. 
Did I mention she is precious?