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Frosty and Sheba have been adopted

Please meet Frosty (male) and Sheba (female), two 9 year old naked Borzoi.  Not to fear, their coats will grow back but they will be cool for the Summer.

Frosty and Sheba had been adopted by a very loving gentleman that used to teach piano.  Sadly, last November he passed away.  A very nice neighbor lady took care of them over the winter but they were kept outside.  Hence the shaved coats.  Although she did loved the dogs, caring for them was just too much for her so she drove them quite a distance to a no kill shelter.  She wanted to be sure they would no be put to sleep.  The shelter scanned them and our microchips showed up.  They called us and Liz Duncan-Burge made the 10 hour round trip to get them the next day.

They are VERY happy to once again be "house dogs" and love toys.  Both grin and are silly, loving and healthy. They act more like 6 year olds than 9 year olds and have found to be cat safe.  These two need to be placed together as they have always been together.  They get along with other dogs and so far Liz's cats are safe although they can't get to the cats.  They are just adorable.

If you have room in your heart and home for two really cool, happy, Older Borzoi, who still love to play and have a lot of life left to love, these Kids are for you! If you would like to give there two precious, loving, senior, naked Borzoi a home, please fill out our adoption application and email it to Carol Backers at