Foster location:
Birmingham, AL
Child safe:
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Frosty has been adopted

Meet Frosty.  He was rescued by Alice Reece in Birmingham, AL.  He is a 7 month old puppy whose owner has died.  Frosty has had puppy obedience, is lead trained and seems to be house trained.  He gets along with other dogs and all in all is a Very God boy!  A Cutie Pie and sweetheart too!! Since his former owner did not have cats, nor does Alice, we have no idea how he would be with cats.  Frosty will be neutered shortly.  Once he has recovered, he will be ready to go to his new home.
If you are interested in adopting Frosty, please fill out our adoption application and either email or mail it to Carol Backers  the mailing address is on the bottom of the form.