Foster location:
North East Ohio
Child safe:
Small animal safe:
Cat safe with initial supervision

Floozy is anything but a floozy!  She is approximately 5 years old, is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, and is heartworm negative.

This is a beautiful, elegant white gal that is quiet and demure.  She patiently waits her turn for hugs and pets, and once she is in your lap it's hard to get her to leave!  
Floozy comes from a home that was loving and caring, but due to health issues, the owner felt it best to find Floozy a home where she could blossom into the Czarina that she truly is meant to be.  

Floozy likes to play with other large dogs, occasionally picks up a toy, and despite her "bulging" waistline...(she LIKES to eat), can tear up the turf with the best of them!  She is a good girl with moderate obedience, she could be easily trained as she is eager to accommodate her human.  

Floozy likes to go for rides in the car, grooming is tolerated in typical borzoi aloofness, is totally house broken, (will stand at the door to let you know that she needs out), and does not need a crate when left alone, no anxiety, no chewing, no barking...just a real easy keeper.

Floozy is the borzoi version of Princess Grace of Monaco, she is  five years young, beautiful, fun loving, happy, self confident, refined and a lady.

NEWS FLASH!!  Floozy is NOT stuffed toy safe!  Foster Mom June came home to a plethora of DEAD stuffies ALL OVER THE HOUSE - guess Floozy and other foster Zoi Markie had a FABULOUS TIME!!

If you have room in your home and heart for this lovely girl, please fill out
our Adoption Application and email it to Carol Backers