Foster location:
Hickory NC

Finn - male  

Finn is approximatley 2 years old.

He is healthy, current on vaccinations, Heartworm/4DX negative, neutered and microchipped.

If you are interested in adding Finn to your family, please go to and complete our adoptoin application.  Keep in mind his foster location is the central western portion of Noreth Carolina area and that NBRF is unable to pay for transport across the USA.  We can assist with locating volunteers to drive several hours one way from his current foster location. 

Below is information on Finn from his foster family:

Hi, I’m Finn. I came to my foster home from a pretty bad situation where I was the bottom guy on the totem pole, but I’ve come a long way in the past couple months. It took me a while to warm up to my foster mama, but she says I’m a lovely companion and gave me what she called a snoot smooch. She also gives really good chest scritches and rubs behind my ears just the way I like it. I’ll lean in for those sometimes. I also learned about these cushy beds my foster mama called Slumberballs, Greek yogurt, and pig’s ears with peanut butter! Life is pretty good now, especially since my foster mama is gentle and doesn’t make me learn too many new things at once. So far, she has taught me how to take treats gently, has taught me to walk politely on the leash, potty while on the leash and I’ve learned my name. I do prefer a fenced yard instead of having to walk on a leash all the time, but I sometimes am not ready to come in when I’m called from play time. I will come in for a cookie, though!

I’m a quiet guy and normally only make noise if I need to go potty or if I’m in my crate alone. I make a fuss in there. I also like to be able to look out the windows, but my foster mom said I’m not allowed to stand on the furniture to do it. My foster mama said I’m the sniffiest of sighthounds she’s ever met, and she would love to see me get to do activities like nosework. She also said that since I like food a lot that I might enjoy doing something called obedience. She would eventually like to see me be able to sleep in the bed with my family, but she said she didn’t want to allow it in case my new family isn’t OK with it.

My new family should know that I’m shy and shouldn’t be upset if it takes me a little while to warm up. I’m worth the wait. I would be happiest in a quiet family, or even a family with an older, respectful child. They should also have another dog, maybe someone a bit smaller than me who has a lot of confidence and who will give me a guiding paw. Right now, my buddies are a border collie and two adult male borzois, but my foster mama said I passed what she called the “cow test.” I was a little scared of the farm geese but I didn’t freak out, so she said I was a good boy. She’s right, you know. I am a good boy.