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Please meet Faramir.  He answers to Farmer.  This handsome young man is just a year old, neutered and current on everything.  Farmer is looking for a home where he can be an only dog.  Although he has grown up with his little Buddy you see in the picture, he has become food aggressive with the other dog and this seems to include the water bowl.

We believe Farmer will work good in an experienced, sighthound savvy home with an alpha bitch. His previous home's alpha Greyhound female died so Farmer, it seems, took it upon himself to step up.

Farmer shows absolutely NO aggression to people over food or anything else.  His current owner is able to put her hand in his food while he is eating, take food away from him and nothing.  It is just with his housemate dog.  He likes men as well as women.  Below is his current owners own words about what a sweet Borzoi Farmer really is.

Faramir is such a lover! He gives sweet little kisses and loves attention. He is not shy of new people and approaches to greet and be greeted. He knows the word "sit" and does so, preferrably on a cushy surface lol. He is very curious and likes to stick his nose close to all kinds of things so he needs watched around hot coffee, appliances etc...

Once on a leash and out walking he does fine but he is initially very wary of the leash and is hesitant to start out (he has never been harmed or had bad experiences with a leash, so this is a mystery to me)

Faramir loves being brushed, I have no problem cutting his nails nor is he afraid of storms. He is crate trained and sometimes will just put himself to bed if the crate door is open.

I have bought him every huge toy I can find yet his favorite toy remains a pine log that has a little stub branch that he uses to carry it around. He likes for us to throw it for him and he brings it back for you to throw again. He has stuffy toys that he does not destroy, only mouths and plays with them.  He will also pick up my shoe and take it to his bed but he never destroys it, I think he just likes the smell of his person by him when they are gone because he only does this when I have gone up to bed or have been gone for the afternoon.

Faramir is all you could want in a best loving friend, he just needs to be your one and only. He has a beautiful coat and hugging him is the best feeling and you can't be sad when he is around. Everybody that meets Faramir falls in love because he is a sweetheart.
He loves the outdoors, especially lying in snow when it is in season. He is not a fan of the hose but we manage to get his bath done lol.
He is lying beside me now crashed after chasing his log, poor guy is wearing a bright pink greyhound muzzle I have left from my greyhounds. He is very amiable.

He is currently eating Kirklands Salmon & Sweet potatoe twice a day from CostCo, an affordable yet high grade of dog food.

Farmer is currently in a foster home and we are working on his issues.  We are also working to see if he will live with cats as the foster home has a cat.

If you have room in  your home and heart for Farmer, please fill out our adoption application and email it to Carol Backers  His foster home is currently in OH.  That is a consideration for a new home.