Eclipse and Erica have been adopted.
Eclipse and Erica are litter mates who have been together all their lives.  They will be ten years old in April.  Since they have always been together, we feel it is only fair to place them in a new home together and will not separate them.  Eclipse and Erica are currently being fostered in MO by Peri Neil.

They were at one time house dogs but were put outside by their last owner because they counter surfed.  He had them for five years.  Although they were outside dogs, they were kept in a nice kennel situation and not neglected.  Both are current on vaccinations and heart worm prevention and are in fair coat and good weight.  They are used to other dogs and older children.  Not sure about cats though.  They are also in excellent condition and surly do not act or look to be almost ten years old.  These two, sweet, senior citizens have a lot of life and spunk left and I am sure would be very grateful for a soft couch or bed and a family who will welcome them into their home and hearts.  Erica is the more outgoing of the two and warms up very quickly while Eclipse takes a little longer. Likely that aloof gene some Borzoi have.

If you would like to welcome Eclipse and Erica into your heart and home, please fill out our adoption application.   You may email it to Carol Backers at or mail to the address on the form