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The beloved senior member of the Bardwell Borzoi household. Daisy's young years were spent in a caring family setting; however, unfortunately, not every family has a happy ending. Through a series of referrals from the NBRF, all of Daisy's Borzoi family found new homes when they needed them.

Daisy immediately won the heart of her new family, and travels at least twice a week to the Country Estates of Agawam Nursing Facility in Agawam, MA where she has made a big hit with the residents.

She offers many "Borzoi smiles" during the sing-alongs. Daisy also enjoys trips up to the college where her "Mom" works, and spends a lot of time being petted by the students. Daisy has been a very special gift to her new family.

To see more of Ms Daisy, visit her and her relatives at Joy of Borzoi!