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Kathleen M. VanVelse

Every day we are more excited. He such a perfect match, you'd think he'd been here for years!!! Where we live - 1/2 block from a city park (lots of families and pets) - has even taken care of some bad habits he was said to have enjoyed. We've worked very hard with the other furKids to ignore passing or barking dogs from houses or yards. He not only ignores them but cats and squirrels as well!!! Aaah...if only Rogue and Miles could have left the cats alone...

Czar has found a forever home

Czar is a 4 year old neutered male who is up to date on vaccinations and is heart worm negative.  He is initially shy around strangers but does like attention, pets and body rubs.  He gets along well with other medium to large sized dogs but is too gamey when outside and would not be safe around smaller dogs or cats (even in the house).  He is very athletic and enjoys a good run in a large securely fenced area.  He is inquisitive about what is on the other side of a fence and therefore will require a minimum of a 6 foot tall fenced yard for play and exercise.  He tends to fence fight with other dogs, which appears to be a form of loud play, but gets along fine with the same dogs when they are in the same yard with him.  He is house trained and likes to spend long hours on the couch.  He has not been particularly fond of all the recent house guests at the foster home but does allow strangers to come up to him for petting and rubs as long as it is done slowly, quietly and non-threateningly otherwise he will look for a route of escape.  This boy will make someone an excellent companion once he attaches to you as he has a lot of love to give the right home. 
Best home scenario for this boy:  An experienced borzoi owner with one to three other sighthounds.  A large securely fenced yard with fencing that is at least 6 feet tall.  A quiet household that is not too busy.  Czar is NOT appropriate for a walking home or a home that depends on Dog Parks for exercise, nor for homes with children.  
This special boy is looking for a home with a soft bed, warm heart, kind hands and lots of love.  If you are interested in adopting Czar, please fill out our adoption application and email it to Carol Backers at

November 2011 updated photos:

Czar is loving the fall weather and especially the big piles of leaves!  After running and playing, he jumps in a pile to rest!

Czar in November(a) RS