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Knoxville, TN
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Choya has found a forever home

Please meet Choyah, a very handsome, neutered, 8 year old male Borzoi.  Choyah gets along with all other dogs large and small and he loves kids!  He is of course house and lead trained.

Choyah is an owner surrender.  He was owned and very much loved by his people but sadly, after a long illness, his dad has passed away and mom had to move in with her daughter and Choyah could not go.  He stayed with his dad right to the end.  I know it gave comfort to his owner to have Choyah with him as he was greatly loved and so much part of their family.

That being said, Choyah has started to enjoy life in his foster home and is playing with the Greyhounds, Iggies and their rescue Borzoi.  He is also enjoying their grandkids.  So, we are looking for a home with ALL the above, other dogs, young/old, either way but playful and hopefully some older kids for him to love.  We have no doubt his life was very stressful for quite a while, dogs do "know".  We think it's time for Choyah to have some fun!!

He is currently being fostered in Knoxville, TN.

If you have room in your home and heart for an "Older Gentleman" who needs some happy time, please fill out our adoption application and email to  Choyah is not a candidate for shipping so please consider your and his location.