Foster location:
Bingham City, UT
Small animal safe:

We have a lovely brother and sister currently in the Bingham City, UT area.  We will not separate this pair as they are very much bonded.  Chekov and Ikla are 5 years old and exceptional in that they have lived with an old, Borzoi smart cat and birds.

Their former owner is elderly and is moving to FL to be near  her daughter and grandchildren. She will be moving into an apartment and is leaving everything behind.

These Borzoi have been very much loved and well cared for but health and circumstances simply prohibit their former owner from taking them with her to FL.

At this point we can go either East, West or South  with them for their new home together.  But consider distance.  We are limited as to how far we can get them with no cost to a new owner so please consider that unless you are able to do a lot of driving or are close to their current location.

Chekov and Ikla will require a securely fenced area.  They are house dogs and completely house trained.  They are spayed and neutered and current on vaccinations and will be microchipped.

If you have room in your home and heart for this  Chekov and Ikla, please fill out our adoption and email or mail it to Carol Backers