Cassidy has been adopted

Cassidy (Casimir) came from Pickle Hill Hounds in Garden City, MO. The breeder died suddenly leaving dozens of dogs in need of permanent homes. Cassidy (Casimir) was among the group that traveled to Colorado on November 13, 2010. He is a 5 years old. His coloring is red brindle with white markings. He's been vaccinated for DA2PP, Bordatella and rabies, treated for fleas and worms, (Drontel) and neutered. He is heartworm negative and microchipped. He tends toward the smaller end of male borzoi, but with precise age unknown, could grow more.  Cassidy (Casimir) loves people, and is very easy to groom. He has vision problems, the vet said, "He needs glasses." He can see well enough to chase a squirrel, but has trouble seeing things under his nose.  Be aware that he has night vision problems, which makes him cautious around other dogs.  He is very smart and wants to please. Cassidy (Casimir) is definitely trainable for someone with patience.  He is food motivated and is a "people dog." 
He likes human companionship which should make him a good companion animal. Although Cassidy/Casimir would absolutely thrive being the only dog in the house and the center of attention, he does do well with other dogs.

Once he knows where he is suppose to go, and what he is to do, he's quite willing to comply, but it's possible that some vision limitations may complicate his ability to adapt.  A bit of patience goes a long way with him and once he understands, he's a reliable performer.

Because Cassidy (Casimir) has only known a kennel, he is unsophisticated in the ways of households. He will need some supervision with his housebreaking in progress, and his inside manners; not so different than many young dogs. His strong desire to please should facilitate training.  His foster parents say that Cassidy (Casimir) is a as cute as he can be!
For more information about Cassidy/Casimir contact Maggie.
Phone: 303-756-1331