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Blue is now adopted and living in NY.  He has fit into his new home beautifully and has been made Very Welcome by their other senior male Borzoi, Phoenix.  They both have a beautiful acre to relax and play in and maybe chase a squirrel or two if the mood strikes them.

Thank you Kim & Ken for giving our Blue a new home and life.


Introducing the one and only, Handsome and realy sweet Blue!!! He is a very special boy who does other dogs, Borzoi or otherwise kids and cats! Not sure about toy breeds though and he Loves people, being silly, running and playing. He has a real joy for life.

We believe Blue is 7 or 8 years old but we have no way to know for sure. When he was surrendered to NBRF it was unclear if he would make it and we almost let him go but his foster home said he really had a will to live. He had been neutered before we got him and the vet who did the surgery also tried to remove his anal fistulas. That vet was a butcher. Poor Blue was in so much pain and he could not poop. Well, long story short, Blue is in remission and doing GREAT!

Blue is considered "special needs" only because he must remain on a special, restricted diet which is easily found and he gets a stool softener daily. No cooking involved. Should there ever be a recurrence of the anal fistulas, NBRF will cover the cost of his care.

Blue is currently being fostered in NH. If you have room in your home and heart for our sweer Blue, please fill out our adoption application and email to