Big Red has found a forever home!

He is 7 to 8 years old, neutered, good with other dogs and older children.  He is crate trained and good in the house.  Big Red was surrendered to NBRF because his former owners lost their home due to job loss.  Big Red has led a somewhat sheltered life in that he was never taken for walks.  Although he does ride well in cars, he does not enjoy walks.  This Big Boy needs a structured lifestyle with his own backyard.  No Dog Parks for him.

This Borzoi will require a home with Borzoi experience and lot of patience.  He is unsure of new situations and left to his own devices, will stay in his crate.  In his former home he was crated for long periods of time or left outside in the yard for long periods of time.  He will be slow to come around but under that fur is a sweet Boy who really wants to please.  He likes toys and to show off but, is unsure in new situations.  Big Red is not a Borzoi that will walk in and fit right in.  It will take time, love and patience for this Boy to come around and be happy and comfortable in any new home.  For this reason, we are looking for a home close to his current Foster home in MA.  

The ideal home for Big Red would be one where there is someone home who leads a quiet lifestyle.  Structure will be important for him.  Big Red is a Good Borzoi but it will take work on the new home's part to bring him out to see the sweet and happy to please Borzoi he really is.  Although we feel he was loved in his former home, he just never really got the socialization or attention he needed to be what we all are used to in Borzoi.  We have no doubt he will be well worth the effort it will take for his new home to gain his trust.

Do you have room in your home and heart for this Older Gentleman?  Up to the task to give Big Red what he so badly wants, a home where he knows he is loved and the time to learn to trust and love again? If so, you may fill out our adoption application and send it to: 

Carol Backers
or call