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Belle is a 7 year old, spayed female and was fostered with Alicia Mc Cabe in SC.

Belle lived for the last year or so at the end of chain. When she entered rescue, she was pretty matted with Pine Pitch all in her fur. Her nails were so long she could barely walk.

Her former owner got her second hand and did not know her breeder.

Today Belle is in her new home - re-named Garbo! She came through her heartworm treatments with flying colors thanks to Dr. Lou Avant, who also fostered her during her recovery.

What her new owner has to say about her: "Garbo is such a wonderful dog! I should have named her Mona Lisa...when I talk to her and rub her, she has this great moan. Like she's trying to talk to me to let me know how happy she is. She actually answers back when I baby-talk her! She doesn't even acknowledge the cats. They are not afraid of her. I've had rain every day since I brought Garbo home. She's great at going out in the rain, I guess because she lived in it for so long. This weekend is supposed to be sunny and warm. I can't wait, I can tell she's wanting to play a little bit. I love her so much. Believe me, she has a wonderful new home full of love."