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Belka has found a forever home

Meet Belka

Belka is a very sweet, loving, fun girl with a true zest for life!  

Belka has lived with and does well with other dogs, cats and children. She tries to play with cats and those she has lived with tolerated it well.  Belka is quite playful and is an busy, active girl.  She really enjoys playing with other dogs but is also quite good at entertaining herself.  At her foster home, she was VERY helpful with leaf clean up and she was picking up leaves in her mouth and throwing them in the air and pouncing on them. Another gardening skill she has are picking green tomatoes off the vines, throwing them out of the garden and leaping out of the garden to chase them, then throwing them back in the garden and leaping back in to do it all again. She’s really quite creative!  She also is very interested in chasing things and she may love to go coursing!

Belka is quite affectionate and loves to snuggle.  While she really enjoys her play, her first real love is to sit on the couch and cuddle or take a nap with you.    She  is polite and sits while waiting for her dinner, she seems eager to learn, and knows sit and is currently learning come and down. Belka  came to us very thin and in poor coat, not housebroken and only minimally socialized. It is thought she may have witnessed some significant discord in her previous home. Since being in her foster home, Belka has been doing well learning to go potty just outside.

Belka is a very sensitive girl and has some separation anxiety issues she is working on. She is learning quickly to be more confident she is no longer needing to be as dependent on people.  She is currently taking a medication to help ease some of her anxiety and it is hoped she can soon be weaned off of this.
Belka is a healthy young girl, is spayed and up to date with her immunizations.  Given her sensitive nature, it would be best if Belka goes to a home with the company of at least one other dog (the more the merrier!) and with her people not frequently being away for an extended number of hours at a time.

This special girl is looking for a home with a soft bed, warm heart, kind hands and lots of love. If you are interested in adopting Belka, please fill out our adoption application and email it to Carol Backers at