Foster location:
Cincinnati, Ohio area
Child safe:
LOVES Tweens & up
Small animal safe:
Possibly with Training

Becca - Female - HAS 3 LEGS

Front leg amputated due to injury   

Becca is 14 months old, born 01/15/2018

Becca is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, HW/4DX negative, and microchipped.  She is still in the healing phase of her leg amputation but is doing wonderfully well and will be ready for her new furever home very soon!

Becca LOVES dog savvy children and would thrive in a home with tweens or a bit older.  Due to her 3 legged status, we would prefer NOT to place her in a home with very small children. 

Becca crates well, sleeps through the night on a comfy dog bed and loves to be in the same room as her foster family and their pack.

She is VERy social and wants to be with her people, loves the girlies in her houseold, her foster mom and dad.  she will wait beside the door when they leave, waiting for them to come back in.

She does very well with medium to large dogs and wants someone to play with, however very rough play in her new home would be discouraged, though running and playing is a must for her physical and mental well being.

She LOVES toys but needs "heavy duty" toys as she  likes to gut them and tear them to pieces!

Doesn't mind going to the vet, likes to be brushed and lets you give her a pedicure.  Very calm and patient for such a young girl!  She loves getting onto couches and would love to sleep in bed with her new furever people.

She needs a home with little to NO stairway/stairs.  While she can navigate two to three stairs now, in her senior years she will likely not be able to due to amputated leg.

Becca eats well, however does like to sneak goodies from the other dogs' bowls in the house.  In her post surgery foster home, she lived with Whippets and learned to ring a bell at the back door to go potty.  No bell to ring in current home so has had an accident or two when standing at the door waiting for someone to realize she needed to bell to tell them she had to go out!  Once she learns your schedule, and you learn her indicators, there will be no accidents in the house!  This girl wants to please and do right.

Becca is a wonderful sweet girl that just wants to be loved and with her "pack" whether that is people, dogs or both.  She doesn't seem to let her missing leg slow her down or hold her back.  She is very gracefull when running around the yard and her gait in only noticibly different when she slows to a walk.

If you are interested in adding Becca to your family, please go to and complete our adoptoin application.  Keep in mind the foster location is in the Cincinnatti, OH area and that NBRF is unable to pay for transport across the USA.  We can assist with locating volunteers to drive several hours one way from her current foster location. 


Thank you for considering Becca for your home!