Child safe:

Basil Has been adopted.

Basil is a 7 to 8 year old neutered male who is heart worm negative, current on all vaccinations and is microchipped.  He is very out going, loves attention and to be petted.  Walks well on lead after that first hard tug to see if he is attached to you!  He loves to be with other borzoi, in fact will “woo woo woo” if he can see them and is not allowed to play with them.  He does NOT know he is an older dog and loves to run and play constantly but is not a nervous dog at all.  He is very sweet but does shows interest in the outside cats when they are along the fence so do not believe he would be cat safe.  He is easy going and should get along fine with medium to smaller sized dogs if properly introduced as he wants very much to please his people and be praised for good behavior.  
Basil is currently being treated for anal fistulas.  He is on a low dose of daily prednisone and will be for approximately 6 to 8 more weeks.  The fistulas have improved dramatically while at his foster home.  Their vet believes that once the course of prednisone is complete and with quality food and good husbandry the fistulas will completely clear up and not likely return.  They do not affect his ability to eliminate pain free and are not bloody or oozing…..he is just a little unsightly now on his bottom and it does not prohibit him from being in the house or running and playing outside!  
Basil is from Pickle Hill.
This very sweet boy is looking for a home with a soft bed, warm heart, kind hands, lots of love and a few other sighthounds to play with in a big fenced in yard.  If you are interested in adopting Basil, please fill out our adoption application and email it to Carol Backers at