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Ari and his brother Rhemmy were gotten from his breeder in FL. She had got them back when the homes did not work out. She had called me and wanted me to place them but when I told her she would have to have them neutered, that was way too much for her. Several months later I got a call from Di Ryde. This woman called left a message saying that if she didn't get there right NOW, she was going to shoot the dogs. They had killed her cat and some chickens. Di frantically tried to get hold of her but there was no answer. I told her not to worry. She would NOT shoot them but she would dump them. She did exactly that. In the local pound and they called me.

They were tested for heart worms. Rhemmy was negative and neutered there but Ari was positive so they released him to us. Di got them up to Deb Cole. We found a home right away for Rhemmy, who is now living the life of luxury in NY with Shanna and her husband. Ari was transported to Dr. Lou Avant in GA for HW treatment. On the day he left, he started coughing. He also had swollen lymph glands under his front legs. As his ride progressed, Ari got sicker. When he arrived at Lou's, she immediately gave him a BIG shot of antibiotics. He stayed the night at the clinic

The next morning, he was worse. Temp of 104, coughing, not eating and just a mess! He was so sick, Lou almost put him to sleep. At the last moment, she called her partner Chris Imhoff who is a nurse. Chris brought down a bag of human mega IV antibiotics. She and Lou spent the night on the living room floor with IVs going into this dog and doing their best to make him comfortable. Neither one got any sleep. In the morning, Ari was much better. The IV had saved his life. His temp was down to 102, he was drinking water and able to walk.

Turns out, on top on having heart worms, he had two different infections involving his heart!! The cultures came back and Lou was able to pull him through. Soon, he was done with his HW treatment, clear of the worms and it was time to neuter him and send him on his way. Lou neutered him, removed the lymph glands under his front legs and removed a small cyst on his back. Just in case, she sent samples of both in for pathology. The cyst came back positive for a rare cancer and they gave him only 6 months to live. Deb and I had been waiting for word from Lou. The word was not good. We were all heart broken, to say the least. Lou and Chris had fought so hard for this dog as had Ari. Lou said all along that this dog did not want to die and that is why she went as far as she did with his treatment. He never gave up.

Both Deb Cole and I offered to take Ari for how ever long he had left but Lou and Chris could not part with him. He had kept smiling through everything!!! Lou said to hell with protocol and let him do what ever he felt like. He goes for daily runs in the park and she set NO limits for him. The rest of his life would be spent doing just as he wanted and he would be spoiled rotten!!! Well, it has been over a year and Ari is still alive and doing GREAT!!!! No signs of the cancer!! He is the talk and joy of the clinic and adored by all that meet him!!! Ari is a JOY and inspiration to us all.

There IS a God and He Loves Borzoi!!! Just goes to show all what the power of love can do!