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This gorgeous boy needs a forever home!

Archer is a 2 1⁄2 year old neutered Saluki x Borzoi male, current on innoculations and has been in foster care in Colorado for a year. He had separation anxiety and destructive behaviors due to bein...g left
alone for extended periods of time with no outlet for his energy. Over the course of a year, our amazing foster family worked with him on proper manners and crate training. All of this has gone very well and
Archer has made amazing progress! He also had difficulty interacting with other dogs, he just didn’t know how to play or get along with multiple animals. He currently plays continuously with 4 dogs, and 2 cats, all shapes sizes and temperaments! He is an energetic boy and loves to run and go on long walks. When on walks in a public environment, he is always friendly to humans and new dogs; he is in no way reactive. Food driven, he learns tricks and commands very quickly. One of his greatest qualities is his desire to snuggle, hug, lean and head butt, a true trait of the Borzoi in him. He has become a very well rounded dog and a gentle silly soul. He will do best in an environment with another dog, or if he is the only dog, plenty of play time and exercise will keep this active boy healthy and happy. We prefer Archer go to a home where a family member can be with him much of the time, particularly an active family, with a fun, but structured lifestyle! For more information, please contact Janet at