Foster location:
Minneapolis/St Paul, MN area
Small animal safe:

Aragon, a male puppy born 6-10-13, is a sweet eager-to-please boy with a few special needs due to a spine instability from a probably injury at 6 months of age. He runs and plays as any puppy does but has a few special requirements to keep him safe from further injuries:

Uncarpeted floors need to be covered with stable rugs or gym mats to keep him from slipping. He shouldn’t rough house with other medium to large dogs in a ‘full contact’ sort of way. He uses a harness on walks and should never use a collar. He can probably go up and down a flight of 5-7 stairs safely, but 7 steps in a flight is the maximum.

A fenced yard is a must for this boy. He needs free running time and certainly takes advantage of it! The more he moves on his own, the better it is for him. More running = more muscle and more flexibility and it certainly helps to keep his gait more fluid.
He has had 2 very successful acupuncture treatments and is not in need of any more at this time and quite possibly, will never need more. He has seen a chiropractor a few times, which has helped him tremendously, and he may require sporadic adjustments in the future.

On the advice of his veterinarians, he shouldn’t be neutered until he’s 2 years old and the vet expense will be paid for at that time. He’s not on any medication and is current with his vaccinations and is micro-chipped.

Aragon is a fully housebroken, indoor boy who loves to run outside, go on walks and play with toys. He has been in a home with 2 cats and even though he is interested in them, he has been friendly with them.  He is so sweet and affectionate and only wants to please and be loved!

This is a breeder referral and his breeder is looking to place him in the Minn/St Paul area.

If you feel Aragon may be just the Borzoi you’ve been waiting for, please contact Carol Backers at