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Almaz has found a forever home

Almaz ( Diamond in Russian) or Mazzy as he is affectionately called by foster Mom Sally and foster Dad Bob is looking for a very special home.  Mazzy is a 4 year old, neutered male Borzoi NBRF-I brought over from Greece.  He is Russian bred but was sent to a man in Greece who then decided he didn't want him.  Mazzy has had a rough go of it.  He was on the street in Russia and suffered some nasty injuries but his breeder found out about him, took him in then sent him to  the breeder in Greece.  Since going back to his Russian breeder was not an option, NBRF-I brought him here and he is being fostered in MD.

Almaz is 4 years old, neutered and really a sweet dog, loves people and other dogs but, plays really rough and tumble.  He will take a strong, experienced sighthound home with other dogs, able to stand up to his method of play and able to let him know when he is getting too rough.  Other high energy Borzoi or possibly a Dane, Ridgeback or other equally strong dog/s will work as long as they understand he is playing.  Almaz is not a dog for a first time Borzoi home or one wanting a sweet, soft dog.  He will not be happy as an only dog.  Almaz is pedal to the metal, high energy.  But, he really LOVES people!  Almaz is a good dog, would likely do well in obedience or agility possibly.  High energy dogs like this do well when they have a job to do or another outlet for their energy.  The good thing about our Boy is he very much "wants" to be loved and part of the pack.

If you think you and your other dogs would be a good fit for Almaz, and have room in your home and heart for this Russian Boy, please fill out our adoption application and email it to