Updated August 26, 2014:

 can never thank NBRF & Sally Macdowell enough who drove littermates Lacey & Sable here from FL through a blizzard arriving 21 Dec 09...they weren't given a good prognosis for longevity but they both were fighters & givers of great joy.  I'll never forget their first night where they snuggled closely in the same bed, although there were 2 beds side by side...just so touching.  I checked on them throughout the night but they slept soundly.
My Lacey girl never did get over her fear of people, especially men, but she made huge strides to the point that she didn't tremble the entire time when going to the vet.  She had quite a personality and was affectionte to me.  And when she wanted something, well, she let you know...her bark was my command!  She would get playful & do the cutest play bows.  When she wanted rubs, she would back into me so I could give a body massage.  She had such an endearing personality and was so special.
Towards the end she had meals & water in bed & I was glad to serve her.  While she was with me longer than expected, it is never ever long enough.  My heart is broken again and the tears flow.  My precious little girlie, Lacey, is now waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.  I miss her so & can't believe she is gone...3 losses in 3 months is still hard to comprehend.
With tears & a broken heart,
                Lacey (Laika)   5/27/01 - 8/6/14
Lizzy, Lacey & Sable


Updated August 4, 2014:
Well, it’s been more than a year since we’ve provided an update on the behavioral adjustment project that is Birdie.
Birdie was always a dog who needed to have things done according to his understanding of the pattern and situation. Any significant variation would require him to reevaluate what he knew and had begun to be comfortable with. His progress in expanding his horizon and range of acceptable situations was advanced with generous dosages of TLC and dairy products (sharp cheddar cheese, whipped cream, etc.) Having been taken off his meds in 2012, he made significant progress with the world not zipping by him in his altered state.
Last year, Birdie and the rest of our pack met Carol and Liz (among others) at the Companion Parade at the BCoA 2014 National Specialty. He was observed meeting and leaning on a variety of strangers.
Part of the behavior modification included hand feeding him (and the others) little cubes of cheese while we were eating dinner. Birdie had progressed from retreating after getting the “safe” limit of 2-3 pieces to prodding my arm with his nose if I was a little too slow on distributing the next round.
Another pattern was established was my providing a round of small treats when I came home from work. This started out with Birdie giving a round of alert barking (from the back of the house) as soon as I had shut my car door. This evolved to his waiting until I was visible through the kitchen window to giving a bark or two call the other dogs and to tell me that it was time to distribute the treats. This also included times when he would take the treat directly from my hand.
Every evening around 9:00, we would give the dogs a dollop of canned dog food as a bedtime snack. Shortly after he arrived, this involved going out in the yard to corral Birdie and persuade him that it was safe to come in and get the snack. This pattern had morphed into Birdie being the timekeeper/clock watcher and walking into the back room if I was being distracted by working on the computer. To assure that I knew that he was there in the room with me, he would utter a little yip and wait for me to follow him down the hall for distribution.
When Sally and I would settle down in the evening with a cup of coffee and a light dessert, the dogs were all part of the act. Typically, they would get pieces of ginger snaps, other times they would insist in sharing cobbler with whipped cream or pudding. Birdie had progressed to the point where he no longer retreated after getting a couple pieces, to prodding my arm with his nose if I was neglecting the canine distributions. There were also times when I wasn’t paying close attention, that I found a brindle nose examining the contents of my plate. At times he would even lie down on one of the dog beds in the room, something that would have been inconceivable previously.
While he was still cautious when he was around me, Birdie had progressed beyond the point where every incident was cause for dread fear and anxiety. It was clear that he was more relaxed and comfortable with the things that happened around the house.
It is however with deep regret that this is the last progress report for Birdie.
Yesterday morning, Sally was awakened by a yip and a brief howl from the porch. When she went out, she saw Bond standing there with Birdie lying down on one of the pads. When she felt his chest, he was in defibrillation and he passed away quickly. Birdie has flown the coop and another of the Florida 14 has gone to The Bridge.
It isn’t easy to describe how Birdie’s time with us and his quirky personality has touched our hearts.
Laika’s Flight of the Phoenix
15 January 2005 – 02 August 2014

"Beware the hobby that eats."
-- Benjamin Franklin
"Borzoi Bob" Marciszewski
Glen Arm, MD



Update September 2010

We are happy to announce that all the FL 14 Borzoi have been adopted into wonderful and loving homes. Several of them were found to have one type of cancer or another. Sadly, Lance who went to live in CA with Kathy Caron and Shenandoah has gone to The Bridge. A few months after he and Shenandoah arrived in CA, Lance came down with bone cancer. He is greatly missed. What I can say is Lane's last days were filled with sunshine, walks, love, soft beds, hands and voices filled with love and the companionship of Borzoi friend, Shenandoah, now Alex. He was loved to the fullest possible by Kathy. It was a sad day for all of us as the owners of the FL are a family now as they have so much in common. Lance is greatly missed by Kathy and Alex. It was just not fair, there was not enough time but it was all he had. We all know his time with Kathy was the best time of his life. I have no doubt he knew.

Sable also has cancer but is doing better than expected. She and Lacy live in VA with their human, Barbara Michalick and her other Borzoi Lizzie. We all know it is only a matter of time but until that day, she is so well loved and each day is considered a Gift by Barbara who sees to her every need and desire. It is our hope that her former life is forgotten and when her time to go to the Bridge comes, that her only memories will be of Barbara and the wonderful life and love they shared. Lacy and Lizzie are best friends and Lacy is having the time of her life with her new found freedom and love.

Storm we also know had cancer but so far is showing no signs of re-occurrence. He lives with Phoenix who is now Birdie and attended the BCOA Nationals. What a wonderful, brave and noble Boy he is. He made us all so proud. Storm and Birdie live with Borzoi Bob and Sally MacDowell. Birdie is still shy but is coming around. He is stunning with a beautiful flowing coat. They play with Bob and Sally's other Borzoi and are very happy. Storm was the Pack Leader and took very good care of his charges. Even though he was very sick when we first got him, he still worried about his Pack. They all looked to Storm for guidance and he never faltered. He is our Hero.

Shiloh is living in the Upper Peninsula of MI with District Judge Beth Ann Gibson and her son as well as their Collie Rescues. His favorite place to recline is in the middle of Beth's bed with a panoramic view of a beautiful lake. Lucky Boy! Shiloh, now Finnegan had a terrible battle with infected ears. Fortunately a last ditch effort by Liz Duncan-Burge with donated IV meds we never could have afforded, his ears are now cleared up and he is a Happy camper! He's even growing fur!!

Vickie, now known as Kizzie is living with Anne and family in FL. At first Kizzie had some "issues" but has worked through them and is now a very happy and well adjusted Borzoi! She also has a new Borzoi pup to play with. Life is Good!!

Angel, now Nina is living in NC with Mike and Janet Flynt, their Boxer and another Borzoi She has turned into a lovely Borzoi Lady and doing wonderful!! Liz Duncan-Burge and I met the Flynts in KY at the Nationals. We were so pleased and happy that Nina took right to them and never looked back. She is a Very Happy Borzoi who we sincerely hope has no memory of her former life in FL.

Eagle is living in TN with Mike and Jan Kirby and their Greyhounds. He is now Luka and helps Mike and Jan with Greyhound Rescue. They and the Greys love him and have made him right at home and very welcome. I have told them Once Owned By a Borzoi, Always Owned by Borzoi. I think they are believers. Luka is having a wonderful life and is very happy.

Sierra and Tess are living very happily with Sharon Anthony, foster Mom Extraordinaire and her two Afghans. Both are VERY happy and spoiled. At maybe 13 years, Sierra is still doing pretty well. Miss Tess made quite an impression at Nationals as everyone thought she was a Silken! Not! She is just adorable. Thank you Sharon!!!!

Nikita lives in OH with Sally and Pat Hennessey and their crew. Her best buds are Oksana, the Borzoi youngster and their Iggy. Nikita was the most damaged mentally of all the FL 14 but with Sally's patience, she has done quite an about turn and is pretty much on her way to being almost normal. Still some fear of Pat, she just does not quite trust him yet but she is one happy Borzoi. Playful and just adores Sally. It's wonderful to see those tail wags!!

Farrah is living with Lois Spires in FL. It was recently discovered Farrah also has bone cancer and does not have many days left. Lois did a remarkable job of bringing her back to physical as well as mental health and actually, Farrah was shown in a Veterans class at a local dog show. She had a Great time. She still enjoys smiling at anyone and everyone. Each day is now a Gift to be treasured. Far too soon we will be saying Good-buy to another of the FL 14 but knowing her last days were filled with love, fun and lots of good food, friends and happy times will have to be enough. It's never long enough but when dogs have suffered as the FL 14 did, it only seems fair they have a little time longer to enjoy the love they have finally found and to just feel Good and be happy.




On November 4th, 2009 I received a call from the Division Chief Animal Control Officer in St Augustine, FL. Paul Studivant. He informed me he had just taken eight Borzoi off a property in St. Augustine. Although she didn't live on the property the dogs were taken from, Marlene Sapp was the owner of the dogs and was present at the time. He told me she had given him my name and phone number and that she sometimes helped with rescue. I told him that was not the case. He informed me there were 7 more dogs on the property. Six Borzoi and a Beagle Mix. I told him if he got the other dogs, NBRF would take all of the Borzoi. Officer Paul then went back to the property where the dogs were and took the rest of them to their Animal Control Shelter. While at his facility, the dogs were given an exam by their Veterinarian. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best, these dogs all received a one and a half (1 1/2) While there, the dogs received rabies, 7 way vaccinations and bordetella vaccinations. They tested positive for hook worms. They only had time to test two dogs for heart worms and they tested negative All had ticks.

I called Susan Grove in Lake Butler, FL and Sharon Anthony in Deltona, FL. Susan greed to take all the male Borzoi and Sharon agreed to take all the females. Susan and husband Ethan picked up the males on Thursday, the 5th. Sharon and her husband Jim picked up all the females on Friday, the 6th. All fourteen Borzoi were in very bad condition, all had ticks, are underweight and many have tumors. They all have serious skin conditions. One older Female named Lacy has such a bad ear infection she is deaf. Teeth are terrible, and their nails are like claws almost all have infected ears.

Below you can see pictures of the dogs while still at the Animal Control Facility. As you can also see, this facility is spotless. The dogs were fed, watered and given blankets and cots to sleep on to help make them comfortable . You can also see how thin and frightened they are.

We only have pictures of the females so far. We are waiting for pictures of the males to come from Susan. Susan does not have a digital camera so she bought several take and toss cameras and is having the film put on disks for NBRF and Animal Control. We will have them up soon as we receive them in the mail. Please understand, these pictures are hard to look at. There are a couple of the females who do not look too bad. They are the lucky ones! You will also see pictures of the Ladies the day after being bathed and seen by their Veterinarian. What a difference a day and a LOT of TLC makes! They are all doing well, are friendly and most important, happy campers now but still will require extensive Veterinary care.

The Boys with Susan are doing well. They have all been bathed and seen Susan's Vet. One had a tooth just dangling in his mouth and that was removed, They all are on antibiotics, suffer from the same skin, ear, and teeth problems as the females and some also have tumors. Sadly, one of the older males obviously does not have much time left and we will have to let him go to the Bridge. His cancer is advanced and I can't tell you how devastating this is to all of us, particularly Susan and Ethan. We do not make this decision lightly but we will not allow him to suffer. Tonight he is with Susan and Ethan where they can be with him and comfort him. Tomorrow he will sleep and suffer no more. Storm was the Leader of his pack and saw them to a better place. Now he can rest in peace.

Pictures of the boys have been added. There are a lot of pictures on this page - please be patient while the page and pics load.

Photos taken by the animal control shelter.

Photos of the girls

We're Outta Here
The girls all receive baths and grooming which sadly makes their neglect painfully obvious
Fed, loved on and clean the girls are much happier

Photos of the boys during bathing and groomin


All Clean and happier now

Individual pics of the boys


This is Lance. We believe he is 7 or 8 years old and he is very sweet. He is still underweight but as soon as he puts on a few more pounds, he will be neutered and have a dental cleaning and be ready to go to his new home. He was in better shape than most of the others.


Shilo is a wonderfully sweet Boy. We believe he is around 8 years old and has some serious medical problems that will need to be address before he goes to a new home. For the moment, he is so enjoying being clean and his new found freedom.


Here is Eagle. He is around 3 years old and is in the best over all condition of all the boys. He is a handsome boy and sweet. It has taken Eagle a little longer to come around but, with a lot of love, he has learned to trust and is now a happy Boy. He will be one of the first to be neutered and have his teeth cleaned.


Meet Storm. What a wonderful Borzoi he is! We thought we were going to have to send him to the Bridge but, he fought his way back from pneumonia and is doing very well. Storm is around 9 years old. He still has other medical problems so only time will tell for Storm but we will give him every chance possible. He has touched every person's heart who has met him. Please keep Storm in your heart and prayers.


Meet Shenandoah. He is around 8 years old and he also has some serious medical problems. We thought he had given up on life but he too has rallied and is now happy and feeling better. There are three of these Borzoi who have serious problems and Shenandoah is one of them. He is so sweet. It will be a while before we will know if he is our of the woods to, please keep him in your heart and prayers


Here is Phoenix. He is doing and looking so much better and Phoenix has a home waiting for him. He will soon be neutered, have his teeth cleaned and be on his way to his forever home. He is a sweet boy we believe to be around 5 years old.