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Dyson & Terra originally came from Australia, and I believe the lady owner had the intention of breeding them. Man met women in Australia, brought girl and both dogs to U.S. and got married. Man was a professional dog handler, and Dyson & Terra spent their lives in a kennel. Divorce happened, lady wanted to take them back to Australia, and man at least was good enough to refuse to put dogs through another travel quarantine, and turned them over to NBRF. Both were intact, and in really bad shape physically. From the moment I got Dyson, he was the biggest clown you can imagine, and had me laughing all the time! Terra, on the other hand, was terribly timid, but upon our first meet, immediately came into my arms (& my heart - as did Dyson of course), and the man said he knew she'd be ok as she had never done that with anyone before. Dyson just had a ball no matter what we did, and though Terra loved being by me, she clearly needed him for security, and watching them play from the very first day, it was clear seeing Terra having so much fun with Dyson, that she really needed him. She tried so hard to trust, and as much as she stayed by me, it still took months to get Terra's tail out from under her. She couldn't sit as she'd roll back from her tail being under her. Before long, and with Dyson's help, she started to trust me enough to really open up to show me how goofy she could be! We took several walks a day, and made many drives to preserves for wonderful nature walks. It seemed like everyone within several miles of where I lived, knew Dyson & Terra, and they both put smiles on so many faces! I lost Terra to a heart attack in 2018, and Dyson in 2019 to ultimately, laryngeal paralysis. I miss them terribly.

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