Adoption Fees

Due to continued increases in veterinary care costs, NBRF has recently found it necessary to increase the adoption fees for rescued Borzoi.

NBRF Borzoi under seven (7) years the fee is $400 NBRF Borzoi seven (7) years and older the fee is $200

Due to the high cost of bringing a Borzoi to the United States as well as the increased cost of veterinary care, fees for NBRF-International Borzoi have been increased.

NBRF-Int Borzoi under seven (7) years the fee is $500 NBRF-Int Borzoi seven (7) years and older the fee is $250


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  1. All potential adopters will be required to submit a completed application to the Director or regional delegate. Once the application has been reviewed and found to be satisfactory, a home check will be scheduled. Applicants will be notified whether they have been approved by the Director or delegate who will maintain records on each applicant.
  2. The adoption fee for a rescued Borzoi is $400 for a Borzoi under seven years of age. For a Borzoi seven years of age or older is $200. In special circumstances, the adoption fee may be waived. Payments are acceptable.
  3. When a rescued Borzoi is ready for adoption, the regional delegate or Director, equipped with the advice of the foster home will decide on the appropriate placement of the Borzoi.
  4. When possible, an in home visit with the Borzoi to be adopted will be made before the dog is permanently placed with the prospective new owner to ensure proper placement.
  5. If the person or family adopting the Borzoi is a renter, a letter from the landlord stating the Borzoi is permissible in the rental for the length of the owner's stay in their residence is required.
  6. To the greatest extent possible, the Director, appointed delegate or volunteer will maintain contact with the homes of all Borzoi placed. Efforts will be made to ensure all rescued Borzoi remain is good homes.
  7. In the event provisions of the adoption agreement are violated by the adoptive home, the regional delegate , rescue group or NBRF Director will take all steps possible to retrieve the Borzoi from the adoptive home. Provisions have been made in the Adoption Agreement a new home/owner must sign and agree to before they can adopt a rescued Borzoi for this to happen.
  8. All Borzoi will be altered before being placed into any permanent home.

Online Adoption Application

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Do you Rent or Own?
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Does anyone in your home have allergies?
Please list all current pets (dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, etc)
List species, name, age, whether spayed/neuterd and sex
Where are these pets kept?
Where would you keep a Borzoi?
What type of exercise would the Borzoi get?
Yard Size:
Fence type and height:
How much time would the Borzoi spend outside?
Have you ever owned a Borzoi before?
Have you owned other large dog breeds?
If yes, what type?
What happened to them?
Have you ever surrendered a dog to a shelter or taken one back to a breeder?
If yes, why?
Would you consider... Rate from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most desirable
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Personal References:
Who in your home wants a Borzoi?
Who will be the primary caretaker?
Would you consider a foster for a trial period?
Will you keep the NBRF informed of any moves, illnesses, escapes or death of any Borzoi?