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The Art of Anastasia

Anastasia Cover Photo.png

Anastasia Stus is a Ukrainian artist, Borzoi breeder and valued friend in our community. Her interest in drawing is life long, working with black gel pen, liners and colored pencils to capture the rich and diverse form of the Borzoi in a unique way.


“There is no hidden meaning in my work, I just like details and composition. Creating a painting for me is more of a long thought process than a feeling of inspiration. I just want to attract the energy of other worlds and dimensions in some of my paintings, without putting any meaning into them. A person should feel something looking at my work, and not think what I wanted to say. I believe that we often think and analyze too much, but we need to feel. I collect a lot of photos of flowers, leaves, berries, animal movement, bones, horns, skulls, some objects, and paintings by other artists in different styles. When I feel the energy to create pictures then I start painting.”



“I think that if all people started sharing only good things with each other and with the world, then all conflicts would end much faster.”


In the spirit of that sentiment, NBRF is honored to share the distinctive art of this special artist. From her original designs, the following sixteen giclees are now being made available for purchase. As she focuses on the safety and well being of herself and family, these drawings were sent electronically from Ukraine and are printed in the US. These prints retain her original signature but cannot be numbered by the artist. Watermark is NOT present on final print.


This is not an NBRF fundraiser but the means by which we can assist her. This is Anastasia’s passion presented with the dignity of her being able to work from war torn Ukraine. Every cent of the proceeds from this sale go directly to her!

AS #1.png
AS #1
AS #2.png
AS #3.png
AS #3
AS #2
AS #4.png
AS #4
AS #6.png
AS #6
AS #9
AS #12
AS #7
AS #10
AS #13
AS #15
AS #5.png
AS #5
AS #8
AS #11
AS #14
AS #16

$49 US per print + $15 shipping and handling. Save and order up to 5 giclees for the same shipping cost. International shipping costs will vary. Email Kate for a quote. 

Framable image measures 8” x 10” printed on fine Art archival, textured matt velvet paper with a weight of 260gms or 175.67lbs. Trimmed paper measures 9” x 11” to accommodate matting (if desired) without losing image. Watermark is NOT present on final print.

Use the Buy Button and to place an order. Include print number(s) desired and your shipping address in the notes section of the payment page.

Orders are custom printed and require 7 - 10 business days from order to ship.

Questions or comments? Contact Kate Watts: 

By clicking the Buy Now button you will be brought to NBRF's PayPal page. Once there click the down arrow and select Buy It Now Items. Enter the total amount (item(s) plus shipping) using the "Other" amount button and chose whether to pay using PayPal or a debit/credit card. Add a note to your payment page telling us what item(s) you are ordering.

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