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Zora aka FL Zora

I came into rescue because of an accidental litter of puppies I had - believe it or not I got pregnant by a corgi - don't ask, there are some things a lady will just not discuss. Anyway my puppies were being advertised on Craig's List and a kind woman called about them out of curiosity, they were all gone, but she asked about me and the owner was willing to sell me. After a 3 hour chase around the yard they got me into my savior's car and I was out of there. I had almost no hair, was covered in fleas, was terrified of everyone and almost feral, but she saved me and got me started on my path to freedom and I will never forget her - thank you Michelle

Michelle turned me over to rescue so that they could find me a good home as she couldn't keep me and I got to stay at a wonderful home and meet other Borzoi. I learned about being a dog and got some confidence back, but Florida was too hot for me, so a home was found for me all the way in Seattle and my journey began

Now I live in Seattle, the summer was great, but now it is winter and I have to wear a raincoat - ugh

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